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Supported Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows – Mac OS – iOS – Android – Ubuntu

Software Description

Seed4Me VPN License Key

Seed4.Me VPN is an easy to use and very famous VPN service. This tiny yet effective VPN service helps you hide your online identity, alter IP address and unblock websites you can’t access due to your government censor policy and other reasons.

Seed4.Me VPN also can be used to bypass GEO blocked content (like Netflix and other streaming services) in addition to hide IP address and unblocking blocked websites,

Seed4.Me VPN does not let hackers steal your data via public/open WiFi ‘hotspot’ networks. Seed4.Me VPN has a private encryption ‘tunnel which can secure its users’ WiFi and privacy. Seed4.Me VPN supports AutoVPNConnect and all other Windows VPN clients.

Seed4.Me VPN desktop client covers whole operating systems. In other words, Seed4.Me VPN works in all programs for example, Skype and other VoIP messengers.

This VPN service is designed for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android and Ubuntu operating systems. Seed4.Me VPN is one of those VPN services that can be used on Linux based operating systems.

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