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Supported Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows/macOS

Software Description


You are going to sell your old PC, and you have formatted all partitions, and you think that the private data deleted by you will not fall into the wrong hands, then you are totally wrong.

Formatted or deleted can easily be recovered, with any good data recovery software.

Getting the wrong hands on the private data would have unimaginable consequences.

Before you resell, donate, give away, lend or dispose of your PC or hard disk, Permantelly delete or shred your data and leave no chance of data recovery.

Use Magoshare AweEraser for Windows to delete or shred your private data.

Magoshare AweEraser is reliable data erasure software or digital data shredder.

Magoshare AweEraser helps you permanently shred all types of data with ease.

Magoshare AweEraser is designed for the users of Microsoft Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1. Magoshare AweEraser can also be used on macOS-powered devices.

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