About Us

My name is Haroon Ansar, I’m the one, who shares giveaway, promo offers, discount coupons, and other useful things with all you folks.


Neither I am a software developer, nor I have any other worth mentioning skill.


I don’t claim, I am an expert, But I find myself very good at discovering new and useful software and their features.


Well, When I had planned to start this website, it was an ordinary website to me, but after getting the impressive response and comments from both my daily readers and software companies, It became my passion, Now I consider that day incomplete when I can’t share any giveaway, promo and discount offers with my readers.


Feel free to contact me for questions, feedback, and suggestions.


Do contact me, If you’re the owner of any of the shared software on FairClue.Com and want to remove your software from FairClue.Com.

I or my team will give you a quick reply.